Good News for the housing market on Independence Day

Hey there,

This is GOOD NEWS.

1. We are free and independent.


Wall Street has had its ups and downs recently but the stock market continues to remain at high levels, consumer confidence has improved and the housing market is making a sound comeback. That should sound good to your ears if you are a homeowner or looking to purchase a home.

What does this mean to you?

** This means that values on your property will improve as the price paid per home rises in your area. For those that have been upside down or owe more than  your property is worth it’s possible that you will start to get right side up and then be put in a position where you can refinance and still take advantage of today’s low rates.  If you are sitting on the fence about refinancing or purchasing a home you may want to take a closer look at doing it sooner than later. IF you need any assistance call me right  away and keep in mind I am licensed to do mortgages in the entire State of Florida.

Call me at 321-723-6206. 

I wish all of you a joyous celebration this July 4, 2013 as we Celebrate Independence Day and Freedom together.




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