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Mortgage Rates are constantly changing and it takes an experienced Loan Originator to keep his thumb on the pulse of market activities that can change rates very quickly. Please give us a call for the best and most up to date mortgage rates. 321-723-6206

When you call I will personally speak with you about what your financing needs are. I will then make some recommendations so that you are fully aware of all options available along with the Pro’s and Cons of each program as it relates to your goals. Once you are in agreement with moving forward I will take an application, pull your credit and discuss with you mortgage programs, costs and rates.

Once your application has been completed I will then ask for supporting documents. These could be but not limited to tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, assets ie, 401k’s etc. The loan application and supporting documents will be submitted to the lender. Once the lender reviews the file and sends out their own specific disclosures we will then move to ordering your appraisal. If the value comes in where it is supposed to we then continue the process until we get to a happy closing and happy customer.


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