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Useful Websites for Home & Family

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015


This week for my e-mail blog I thought I would share some useful websites. With the ocean of content on the internet, it seems impossible to find specific information at times.The information below is listed by category to get you right where you need to be. Save this one for future reference or to share with friends, family and clients.


Home Improvement… -definitely a handyman’s quick resource guide as it is broken into categories…such as attics, cabinets, decks, electrical all the way down to wallpaper -great site that offers a great range of do-it-yourself projects, also offers links to some of the top do-it-yourself bloggers that have some great ideas

Decorating… – this site borrows from a wide range of shows it airs that are all about being a homeowner….from remodeling your kitchen to how to improve “curb appeal” – had to throw this one in there because as we all know, weather you are painting walls or reviving a piece of furniture, re-painting gives us the most wow effect when do a makeover…here you can find an index from different types of paint, paint calculator, paint techniques, and more. – If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind items or the kind of stuff you will never see at your local, but anything and everything store, Etsy is great place to browse! True, it is popular for arts and crafts, but there are really cool furniture pieces and other elements of home décor

Plant and Garden… – National Gardening Association, a library of expert advice, techniques, plant profiles and news of upcoming events – A gardener’s supply company that has a wealth of information on this site…indoor and outdoor plants and gardening to aromatherapy and pest controls with how-to’s and planning tools

Community and Family… – Looking to get rid of something someone else can use? Or get something you want or need for free? Look in your community to share and keep the dump from filling up with stuff people can use – this is a great way to get your pre-teen or teen ways to volunteer, searchable by age, interest and location……also find community grants and scholarships – a great site to research schools as well as leave reviews to help other parents…. – will not only help you find and research daycare, but also baby, pet and adult sitters in your area….or help you sign up to offer these services

Health and Wellness… – So many things can go wrong when it comes to household products, medications, even pet food. All the federal government sites that publicize recalls are collected here and provide a one-stop-shop for consumers to find out which things they have in and around their house that could be dangerous. – started as a doctors advice website, but now offers information on diet, exercise, nutrition, sleep, skin care, etc. If you have a certain ailment, you can sign up to get up-to-date developments.

Legal Matters… – from writing wills to copyright laws, this touches on things the average person needs to know to represent yourself or find the right lawyer

Financial… – chock FULL of information about how to save money and creatively cut corners from grocery shopping tips to credit card and mortgage rate advice, getting out of debt, it’s pretty much all there. – a more long term financial planning site that offers advice for Budgeting and Personal finance (i.e. paying for college, tax planning, credit and debt management). Also has small business and a great section for investing (stocks, mutual funds, investing for beginners) – this is an independent website that not only provides explanations of every type of insurance but also gives work sheets, answers to common questions and links to local agencies

Technology… – the latest games, gadgets and home computing for troubleshooting, this site offers practical responses to common questions and lets you download them right to your PC – mostly the latest news and reviews when comes to phones, PC’s tablets, etc.

Special Note….from ideas to sharing anything and everything….i.e. home improvement, decorating baking, crafts, recipes, building and repairing, painting….the infamous is great…. if you haven’t been there, be warned its addicting and you could be on there for hours!!!!

Hope these come in handy… and have a great day!