American Mortgage, Mortgage Guy Coffee Moments


Mortgage Home Loan work sometimes requires a good cup of Joe in the morning before you get started. This has been my experience.

Coffee TIP: I have had these things called “Coffee Moments”. Many of my friends on Facebook laugh at me for them. The one’s where you put grinds in the filter holder without the filter in it. The kind where you forget to put water in the water holder and wonder why the coffee isn’t ready.

Well I switched to the Keurig. Those little prepared K cups are great but expensive. My “Coffee Moments” have dropped substantially since switching. They make the K cup adapters where you can use your own grinds. First of all, I save a ton of money with this machine and using the adapter as opposed to the measure it yourself process with the old coffee machines.

When I am done brewing the coffee I would take the adapter and run water through it to get the grinds out in the sink but it would make a mess and it took time.

TIP: Take the adapter to the trash can, open the lid, turn it upside down and use a spoon or any other utensil and lightly tap it on the bottom and POOF…. it all comes out nice and easy. Tada! Oh the simple things in life. Enjoy your coffee!

The American Mortgage, Mortgage Guy loves to start the day with a cup of coffee before working on home mortgages.

By Steve Mugar



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